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TN Talent Solutions is a talent acquisition company focused on helping Canadian and Mexican candidates continue to chase the American dream! With IT and engineering markets growing daily we have made strides to help amazing US companies grow our clients W2 workforce. By tapping into the Mexican and Canadian population we’ve created a vast network of highly skilled professionals interested in advancing their careers in the United States. TN Talent Solutions considers workplace diversity a vital and intricate part of any company. By directly recruiting out of Mexico and Canada we are creating amazing and diverse work forces for our clients allowing a unique blend of new ideas and inputs to emerge. Our clients understand that diverse teams make for a more creative and productive workplace which can boost both customer and employer branding.
TNT is extremely PROUD to make an impact in this way!

We’re so excited to speak with you! Feel free to call us directly (321) 804- 1774 or send us a message below.